Feed the Monster is a once-monthly missive from my studio, where I share what's on the slab—whether painting, collage, or one of my other obsessions. It’s where I endeavor to show you what I’m working on, things I’m thinking about, gaffes I have performed, and personal artifacts of interest. See the archive of past FTM’s and other work at balampman.com.

What my lovely subscribers say:

“Your honesty is refreshing and heart wrenching at the same time” – G. J.

“Insightful and darkly humorous” – L.L.

“Unpredictable, unpretentious, and relevant” – K. L.

“Interesting thoughts expressed with humour and candor” – J. L.

“A little dose of authenticity in a loud and annoying world… personal, entertaining, heartfelt, and inspiring” – E. L.

"I used to have artist friends who'd send me wonderful letters in the mail, including bits and pieces of art. I can't remember the last time that happened though, which is one of the reasons I'm super digging B.A. Lampman's monthly email missive, Feed the Monster. It feels like those letters used to feel. She makes me laugh, and think, and feel like I just got a little special prezzie." – J. M.

“This made me cry.  Your honesty and perspective is courageous.  And you inspire me.  So there.” – D. S.

“Inspirational and touching” – L.L.

My name is B.A. Lampman. I graduated with Distinction from Concordia University in Montréal in 1989 with a BFA major in Painting. I was going to study languages, and/or psychology and world religions, but in a moment of madness I switched to Fine Arts. After graduating I eventually settled in Victoria, BC, where my husband and I raised a stellar daughter. Lack of time and space compelled me to explore collage, and I did that for many years. In 2015 I returned to painting with a vengeance. I also like to write, read, take photos, and sing.

Thanks for being here.

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